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It seems like there are endless choices when it comes to choosing a steak.  You don't need to know everything about meat to choose a good piece.  Just follow these pointers, and your final product will improve greatly! 

1. Look & Feel 

Trust your eyes! Look for a vibrant red Ribeye with white (not brown) fat marbling.  The steak should look moist, without being wet.  If its sitting in liquid, pass it up!  

2. Marbling / Grade 

You can usually trust the USDA Grading system, but you should also use your eyes! Check out the marbling guide on the right.  All of those small streaks of fat (marbling) will render (melt) into your meat.  It won't be "fatty," just tender, moist meat.  The larger chunks of white fat will slightly render, but will still be in your final cooked product.  Don't cut this off or out.   It will keep your meat moist during cooking and "fat is flavor"! 

3. Ribeye Cap 

Finally, make sure your ribeye has it's cap! This is the most tender part of the ribeye! And not all Ribeyes sold at the store will have one attached.  See picture below. 

ribeye grades.jpg
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